Experience In Representing Both Sides Of Employment Law Matters

Employment law matters can be contentious, with the capacity to significantly affect the future of your business, career or both.

At Hurley Gunsher, Ltd., we protect the rights of our clients in employment law matters. Working with small businesses, large corporations and employees alike, we bring a broad perspective to such issues concerning the workplace. We are dedicated to arriving at a successful resolution to help each client move forward professionally.

A Proactive Approach To Employer Representation

As business law attorneys, we regularly work with a wide array of employers in southwestern Ohio to consult on issues related to employment law matters. We can assist with:

  • Helping to establish company rules on employee behavior
  • Establishing employer/employee policy
  • Ensuring compliance with state and federal laws
  • Addressing complaints
  • Understanding the loss of key employees to competitors
  • Protecting employers from conflicts or claims

With a results-oriented, proactive approach, we seek to protect businesses and ensure the longevity of a healthy, successful workplace.

Protecting The Rights Of Employees

Our attorneys also represent terminated employees. We take on a variety of claims to resolve workplace conflict or protect employee rights after a wrongful termination. Employment law matters can be intimidating for employees wishing to either regain or maintain their employment. We recognize the sensitivity of such issues and will leverage our experience in successfully representing you.

Skilled In Employment Dispute Resolution

With the distinct advantage of working with both employers and employees, we provide experienced, reliable representation should your conflict require it. Many employment law conflicts requiring dispute resolution can be either negotiated or mediated. We will thoroughly investigate and prepare your case, with the understanding that resolving such issues outside of court is often both possible and preferable. If litigation is unavoidable, however, we are experienced trial attorneys. If necessary, we can represent your case in court, as well as before employment boards.

Discuss Your Employment Matter With Experienced Attorneys

Employment law matters can have a significant impact on your business and career. Using a comprehensive approach, we seek to prevent conflict when possible and confront it when necessary. Contact our lawyers at Hurley Gunsher, Ltd., in Middletown or Fairfield by calling us at 513-318-9893 or contacting us online. We offer initial phone consultations at no charge.