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Hurley Gunsher, Ltd., is a new firm founded by established attorneys Dustin R. Hurley, Esq., and Joshua Gunsher, Esq., to serve the individuals, families and business in southwestern Ohio. Clients appreciate our willingness to sit down and listen. This enables us to tailor our strategy to best address the needs and goals of the clients, whether it a straightforward drafting of a contract or structuring a complex estate plan involving an irrevocable trust. Gregory K. Pratt, Esq., Michael P. Richardson, Esq., and James M. Schnell, Esq., round out our team.

We are regarded by fellow attorneys for our professionalism and knowledge in such areas as estate planning, probate, business law matters. We take on the tough cases and provide great service at a competitive price.

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Our experience is grounded in Ohio. We are a familiar presence in courtrooms and at negotiation tables throughout the area. We also know the judges and the other lawyers, and provide additional insight into your case that is not found in a book. We have a broad range of litigation experience and are admitted to practice in the district court, appellate court and the United States Supreme Court.

Giving Back To The Community

As proud residents of the Buckeye State, we are involved in many organizations within the community, including The Chamber of Commerce Serving Middletown, Monroe & Trenton, as well as the Middletown Convention and Visitors Bureau. We can also be found providing free pro bono work in the community and are active in our churches.

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Call 513-318-9893 to speak with one of our staff in Middletown or Fairfield. Initial consultations over the phone are free. We can also be reached through our website's Contact page. Credit cards are accepted.