Smart, Practical Legal Representation

The law firm of Hurley Gunsher, Ltd., provides knowledgeable and experienced guidance in legal matters involving business law, probate and estate law and other practice areas. Our team of attorneys are known to plan carefully and solve problems creatively. This balanced approach has earned us a reputation in southwest Ohio for smart and practical legal guidance.

Providing Legal Guidance To Businesses

Starting and running a business is difficult, but a business law attorney can help. At Hurley Gunsher, Ltd., we offer comprehensive business law services at competitive rates. Whether you are a startup in need of business formation guidance, a growing operation trying to avoid liability issues, or a mature business trying to close a merger and acquisition deal that will grow the company, our business lawyers have the knowledge and experience to provide reliable and well-informed guidance. We can help you avoid problems in the present and recognize future issues that can be solved before they become disruptive and expensive.

Our Comprehensive Estate Planning And Probate Services

Our estate planning attorneys can guide you through process of protecting and preserving your assets. When it comes to planning for illness, disability, or death, you can count on our seasoned and sensitive advice. When your loved one has died and probate cannot be avoided, we shepherd their estate through the probate court. If a trust is involved, we efficiently guide families and organizations through the trust administration process.